Flood Barriers and Flood Doors for Residential, Commercial and Community Flood Protection

Designed and Manufactured by Australian Company

AWMA Water Control Solutions

FloodFree Flood Mitigation Solutions, are developed through project partnerships, to allow for appropriate and innovative flood risk reduction, for:

FloodFree offers flood protection devices to suit openings of all shapes and sizes with numerous storage, transportation and deployment options. Flood gates, flood barriers and flood doors are all made to high international standards, to isolate or re-direct floodwater and storm water flows as required. Installation includes training and documentation as well as ongoing service and maintenance options.


Protect your property, assets and livelihood with proven, Australian made Flood Barriers.

FloodFree provide tailor made flood protection barriers that represent best value design options for Australian engineered and manufactured barriers.

The FloodFree product range offers purpose-built Flood Barriers, designed and manufactured in Australia by AWMA Water Control Solutions, industry leaders in innovative water control infrastructure. Click here to view the AWMA website.

Why choose AWMA's FloodFree Range of Flood Protection?

  • Every barrier is purpose-built to ensure it meets site, client and operational requirements.
  • Designs meet nominated flood levels as specified on drawings.
  • Barrier options accommodate any trafficable loading from pedestrian to heavy vehicles.
  • Overview drawings are submitted for client approval prior to manufacture.
  • Products are designed, engineered and manufactured to Australian Standards.
  • All products are supplied to international quality standard ISO 9001:2015.
  • All infrastructure has a minimum design life of 25 years.
  • A dedicated project manager will ensure the efficient supply and successful completion of your project.