Who are AWMA and what are floodfree barriers?

AWMA Water Control Solutions are the Australian company who design and manufacture FloodFree Flood Barriers.


AWMA Water Control Solutions is an Australian company highly experienced in the design, manufacture and installation of water control infrastructure and water management systems.

Over the past 20+ years AWMA has developed a range of proven flood protection infrastructure that offers customised options to protect personal property, communities and major public infrastructure.

It is not possible to protect every asset in every flood, but in many cases, there are a range of options available to prevent or moderate flood damage.

The success of temporary or permanent barriers for flood mitigation is subject to considerations including; flood type, site conditions, designs, applications, installation, operation and maintenance.

What questions do you have regarding protecting your assets and infrastructure from water ingress?

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No two floods are the same, no two applications are the same and as such, no two barriers are the same - every flood protection system should be purpose-built to ensure it meets all site requirements.


FloodFree Sales

+61 3 54563331


FloodFree Sales

+61 3 54563331