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Demountable Flood Barriers allow asset owners to manually deploy their own protection barriers to isolate flood and storm waters in and around existing infrastructure.


The FloodFree Demountable Flood Barrier can be quickly and safely erected to any length and protect up to 3m high. They are usually used to protect areas where levee banks open to provide access for roads, rail and pedestrian crossings. However they are also very popular for doorways, commercial entrances, shopfronts, baywindows etc.


  • Construct to an infinite length.
  • Modular segments are fabricated in 100mm, 200mm or 300mm high increments.
  • Segments consist of extruded section with embedded seals.
  • Storage solutions and transportation trolleys available.
  • Economically viable.



All FloodFree Barriers are purpose-designed, engineered and manufactured.

Project partners receive full design support to ensure the product delivered will be engineered and certified to withstand site specific worse case scenarios for expected flood water height, debris loading, deployment times etc. Design considerations include the condition of the nominated site, with options for greenfield and brownfield sites.



The FloodFree range has a minimum 25 year design life.

Minimal maintenance is required ensuring low ‘whole of life costs’.



All manufacturing procedures are in accordance with an internationally accredited ISO

9001 Quality Management System to ensure each barrier is delivered to a high quality standard, tested and ready for trouble free operation.



The Demountable Flood Barriers are designed to be manually deployed by one or two operators.



Detailed documentation on operation, testing procedures and maintenance can be provided with all FloodFree Barriers.



Comprehensive on and/or off site training is available.