Flood Barrier Selection and Installation FAQ's

Flood Barriers and Flood Doors are playing a significant role in flood protection for residential, commercial, community and council mitigation programs. Below is some information that may assist with flood barrier selection.


 Are you considering Flood Protection for your home or business?

What questions do you have about Flood Barrier Technology?

During the flood barrier selection process you will need to know; 

  1. What do I need to consider when flood proofing my home / business?
  2. What process is involved when flood proofing?
  3. What are the critical factors to note when selecting flood protection?
  4. What flood protection barriers are currently available?
  5. What information is available on Flood Barrier design?
  6. Are there any Flood Barriers made (designed and / or manufactured) in Australia?

Comments from an Australian resident who Flood-proofed their home:

Chee, a riverside resident states,

“Flood water has threatened our property numerous times. Over the past few years, we have been working to flood-proof our home. This has required several projects.

Firstly, our builder sealed the house three times, from the foundations up to the highest anticipated flood height, which for us, was 1.2m high.

Secondly, a new draining system was installed, allowing us to stay in the home and have functional water and sewerage systems.

Lastly, we purchased demountable flood barriers that are installed across all access points around the house.

Without the flood barriers, our home would have been completely inundated, but if we hadn’t had the house sealed and plumbing modified, the water still would have caused extensive damage. It is important that all of these things are considered when flood-proofing your home.”

1. What do I need to consider when flood-proofing my home?

All FloodFree products are made to suit the opening and surrounding aesthetics. Things to consider in addition to flood barriers include; water-proofing, drainage, foundation preparation etc.

You may need to consult with:

  • your local council
  • a flood consultant
  • your builder
  • your plumber
  • a Flood Barrier manufacturer

FloodFree products are supplied by AWMA Water Control Solutions They design, manufacture and install a flood mitigation solution to protect a single house, a stadium or an entire town. When approaching your next flood mitigation project, consider a partnership with AWMA to receive the most comprehensive service, support and expertise in the industry.

2. What are the critical factors to note when selecting flood protection?

The factors to be considered in order to identify the most appropriate flood protection infrastructure to be implemented for any particular application include:

  • Response times: How much warning will you receive? Is the site manned 24/7? Buoyant barriers operate autonomously without power and without human intervention.
  • Expected flood conditions: Including flood water depth, flood flow velocities, expected debris etc.
  • Critical design factors: Assurance that the barrier will operate without human intervention and without power in case of blackouts.
  • Types of installations: Is the barrier design restricted by space, operation or aesthetic requirements? Vertical and horizontal barriers are designed to be concealed within existing infrastructure.
  • Limitations: Associated with manual systems, power sources, battery backups, actuator types etc.
  • Safety factors: Including any manual labor to erect the barrier, raising of the barrier, redirection of flow, power sources etc.
  • Flood mitigation plans: Seek professional advice in regard to flood risk assessments and information including storm water systems, run off flows and water harvesting opportunities.
  • Technical support and servicing: Partner a flood barrier manufacturer who can assist with operational and maintenance questions, upgrades and additional custom requirements.
  • Engineering and collaborative interfacing: Ensure your flood barrier is purpose engineered to meet exact site and operational requirements.
  • Warning systems: Warning systems are available to advise asset owners and anyone in the vicinity, of the barrier deployment, this is an important safety feature and involves visual and audible warning systems.
  • Aesthetics: Numerous options are available to ensure flood barriers can be ‘concealed’ within existing infrastructure, with materials and colours to match aesthetics.
  • Availability: Flood barriers must be ready and available to operate at a moment’s notice.
  • Maintenance programs: As with all mechanical equipment flood barriers require ongoing scheduled maintenance programs.
  • Mode of operation: Flood barriers may be manually deployed, actuated, automated or use buoyancy principles for passive operation.
  • Power and automation requirements: Where powered systems are required a battery backup is recommended as floods often cause blackouts, alternatively, a passive system. Combinations of powered and passive flood barriers are available for sites requiring instant and automated control enabling pre and post barrier deployment.
  • Storage and transportation: Options are available for storage and transportation of manually deployed flood barriers.
  • Asset ownership: Responsible for ongoing scheduled maintenance.

3. What flood protection barriers are currently available?

There are numerous vertical and horizontal flood barriers that can be concealed within the surrounding infrastructure. Exposed barrier surfaces can be tailor made to match the adjoining materials.

  1. Retractable Flood Barriers (Horizontal Sliding)
  2. Concealed Flood Barriers (Vertical Rising)
  3. Tilting Flood Barriers (Horizontal to Vertical Rising)
  4. Swing Barrier (Horizontal Closing)
  5. Personal Access Flood Doors (for standard doorways)
  6. Demountable Flood Barriers (permanent side frames with removeable flood boards

4. What information is available on Flood Barrier design?

For information on the features, benefits and design specifications of Flood Free Barriers and Flood Doors please click here.

5. Are there any Flood Barriers made (designed and / or manufactured) in Australia?

FloodFree products are supplied by AWMA Water Control Solutions . AWMA design, manufacture and install flood barrier solutions for residential, commercial or community benefit. Contact AWMA's FloodFree Team today.

Due to the range of unknown variables, flood barrier design is most successful when facilitated in partnership. This would see technical experts, manufacturers, construction companies, developers and authorities all working together. The result would give key stakeholders the best opportunity to mitigate associated risks for a viable flood mitigation solution.