Tilting Flood Barriers are permanently installed, self-actuating flood barriers. They require minimal depth, sitting flat to tilt upwards via floatation to meet the flood level specified.


Passive Tilting Flood Barriers operate on buoyancy principles to ensure the flood barrier automatically rises as flood waters rise, providing 24/7 flood protection.


  • Tilting Flood Barriers may be Actuated (Electric or Hydraulic) or Passive.
  • Fabricated from marine grade aluminium. 
  • Designed for strength, high corrosion resistance and long asset life.
  • Low maintenance design.
  • Fully trafficable.
  • Excellent sealing.


  • Commercial and Industrial Entrances
  • Loading docks
  • Residential driveways
  • Basement entrances
  • Building entry
  • Car parks
  • Lift wells
  • Storage facilities


  • Minimum height 500mm, plus 250mm increments up to 1500mm.
  • Non-standard, lower profiles are available on application.
  • Alternative heights available subject to AWMA engineering approval.


  • All FloodFree flood protection barriers are purpose-designed, engineered and manufactured.
  • Project partners receive full design support to ensure the product delivered will be engineered and certified to withstand site specific worse case scenarios for expected flood water height, debris loading, deployment times etc. Design considerations include the condition of the nominated site, with options for greenfield and brownfield sites.
  • Optional extras for automated systems include battery charged backup systems (to ensure flood protection during power black-outs), warning lights and SMS alarms.


  • Full installation service is provided.


Tilting Flood Barriers may be Passive or Actuated;

• Passive Tilting Flood Barriers deploy automatically, using principles of buoyancy to ensure barriers raise ahead of flood waters. The passive flood barrier will deploy and retract as required, without any human interaction, providing complete peace of mind.

• Powered Tilting Flood Barriers use level sensors to deploy the tilting flood barrier as required, with the additional advantage of manual and/or local control.


  • The FloodFree range has a minimum 25 year design life.
  • Minimal maintenance is required ensuring low ‘whole of life costs’.


AWMA hold international accreditations for ISO 9001; Quality, ISO 14001; Environment and ISO 45001 OH&S management.

AWMA’s Integrated Management System aims to provide a framework to deliver products and services that consistently exceed customer expectations.


Detailed documentation on operation, testing procedures and maintenance can be provided with all FloodFree Barriers.


Comprehensive on and/or off site training is available.

These hand-held video recordings demonstrate how the smart controls use AI cameras to monitor the flood barrier and surrounding areas during deployment. If a person, animal or vehicle is detected in the immediate vicinity while the FloodFree Hydraulic Tilting Flood Barrier is operating, deployment will cease, continuing only when the area is clear.