Numerous FloodFree barriers were purpose-built to protect the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

FloodFree Concealed Flood Barriers protect the main entrance to the building with a barrier 16.1m wide x 1m high, as well as a secondary entrance 3.15m x 1m. This barrier is ‘concealed’, vertically, beneath the pavement with a top plate, side panels and drainage system integrated into the surrounding aesthetics. Once approaching water reaches a predetermined height, alarms will signal and the flood barriers will automatically rise.

The Loading Docks and Stairways are protected with FloodFree Passive Tilting Flood Barriers; 4m wide x 1.25m high and 2m wide x 1.35m high. These flood barriers are integrated horizontally, into the flooring surface, they are fully trafficable and automatically rise once a predetermined water level is triggered.

FloodFree Barriers (manufactured by AWMA) have been accepted by Melbourne Water for flood barriers as required in DA applications. They are Australian-made, proven systems, designed for low maintenance, low risk and best value for money. All products are made-to-order to ensure specifications are accounted for (including flood type, debris, operation, safety etc).

FloodFree barriers incorporate options for greenfield and brownfield sites.