A Concealed Flood Barrier has been install at ‘The Block – St Kilda’ (2018).

The Concealed Flood Free Barrier has been designed to automatically deploy ahead of rising flood waters without the need for external power or human intervention.

The barrier is constructed from a structural marine grade aluminium ensuring it is lightweight but strong. It is fully trafficable, commonly used for driveways, loading docks and entrances.

This system ensures automatic deployment 24/7, 365 days a year, even in a blackout. The Concealed Flood Barrier remains in the deployed state until the surrounding water levels recede below a predetermined level.

The concealed flood barrier design incorporates a narrow barrier footprint combined with heel safe, grating over the entire length of the strip drain. The barrier top plate can be covered with any number of flooring materials to ensure the barrier is ‘concealed’ or ‘hidden’ within the existing infrastructure.

At a predetermined level a ‘High Water Alarm’ is triggered which activates an alarm beacon. The provision of the alarm and strobe light alerts anyone in the vicinity, of the impeding flood barrier activation. As water levels continue to rise the barrier ‘floats’, using the principles of buoyancy.

All FloodFree products are manufactured by AWMA to Australian Standards and in compliance with the ISO9001:2015 quality system.

Each flood barrier is designed and manufactured for the specific application and location.