Over 100 metres of Demountable Flood Barriers with associated storage racks were custom designed and manufactured for The Barossa Council.

Demountable Flood Barriers are manually deployed. They can be constructed by one person or very rapidly with a team. Other than the posts and barriers, no special skills, tools or equipment are required, so in an emergency situation, anyone can assist.

Onsite training was conducted so Council staff could experience first-hand just how easy they are to erect. The process was also well covered in the media giving the local community confidence that when living and working in close proximity to a natural waterway and flooding is imminent, equipment and procedures are now in place to protect the township.

Demountable Flood Barriers were developed for five different locations across the township as part of a broader flood mitigation strategy, including earthen levees and masonry retaining walls.

The five locations selected for the Demountable Flood Barriers are quite different. Working in partnership with the Council, flood mitigation equipment was standardised, ensuring all installations are fast, accurate and most importantly, effective. Posts and aluminium sections are palleted and stored ready for transportation to site. Each site has permanent footings with removable kerb and guard railing sections as required. The footing covers are removed, posts inserted, seals laid and demountable barrier sections added to form flood protection up to 1.5m high (in this case).

The Nuriootpa Flood Mitigation System protects the community of Nuriootpa from one in 100-year flood events.

The Demountable Flood Barrier can be constructed to any length, up to 2.5m high as standard.

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