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Get Custom Flood Defence Barrier Systems and Products When You Team with FloodFree

City councils and other public agencies take their own steps to protect their residents and infrastructure from flood damage. When floodwaters do rise, though, it is still essentially the responsibility of a property owner to protect their property. If you own a home or business—especially in flood prone areas that is likely to be vulnerable to flooding—you should take steps to ramp up the flood defence around your property. At FloodFree, we can help you do just that.

FloodFree: Providing Various Types of Flood Defence Systems to Property Owners Around Australia

At FloodFree, we pride ourselves on providing high quality flood defence systems to property owners around Australia. Our goal is to give people access to the kinds of flood protection systems that governments use to protect cities and towns. From homeowners to business owners to landlords to property developers, we can help any client achieve effective flood protection around their properties.

The key to our success is our ability to offer a fully personalised customer experience. Every site or building has its own unique set of flood vulnerabilities, based on factors like location, proximity to water, structural design and property layout. Our teams work with property owners/project partners to assess these factors for every flood barrier system that we install. From there, we work to design and engineer systems that can bear the brunt of site-specific hazards and risk.

Based on your site, we consider worst-case scenarios for things such as floodwater height and the amount of time you would have to deploy your system in a flood situation. This information not only helps us to determine the necessary height, length and layout of your system, but also which type of flood defence products are best for you. We offer four different types of flood barriers—two for manual protection and two for passive protection. We will work with you to determine which type (or types) of barriers are ideal for your site.

Our flood defence barriers aren’t just customised to suit your needs. On the contrary, we back them with the full support of our skilled and qualified team. We guarantee a minimum 25-year design life for our barriers. Throughout that span, you will find that minimal maintenance is necessary to keep your system secure and in good working order.

Start Designing Your Flood Defence Barriers Today

Your property is likely the most valuable asset you own. Homes, businesses, property developments or other building/property assets don’t come cheap and need to be protected thoroughly. If your area has been flooded recently, or you are worried about flood threats that may arise at a moment’s notice, FloodFree can help restore your peace of mind. Contact us today to start designing a detailed and customised floor barrier system for your property. Our team can even provide comprehensive on-site training once your barrier is built, to ensure that you know how to use it.