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Protecting Vulnerable Spaces With Tilting Flood Barriers Made in Australia for Australian Conditions

Local councils face a constant flow of concerns in the effort to provide good governance and support to the communities which they oversee. Among these concerns, disaster management and response plans have grown immensely in importance over the past decade. With numerous major flood events in recent years to point to, concerns have mounted about what to do to protect structures and spaces in many towns and cities. Protecting spaces such as building entrances, underground car parks, and other important assets around the area requires careful planning and consideration. Access to the right tools helps, too.

At FloodFree, we bring along years of experience in providing tailored flood barrier solutions to projects and communities around Australia. With a developed understanding of the challenges your council faces, we can coordinate closely with you to develop a precise solution that will work in an emergency. Among our products is one type of installation, the tilting flood barrier, that is especially well-suited to protecting some of the aforementioned areas.

How tilting flood barriers work

There are two types of tilting flood barriers one can use in Australia. The first type, an actuated barrier, uses a powered system — such as hydraulics — to actively lift the barrier into place in advance of an emergency flooding event. A good option for spaces that would have individuals available to activate the system, there is another type of tilting barrier that does not require any human interaction to work.

The passive flood barrier system uses the actual flood waters themselves. As water rise, some will spill into a trough that fills a space beneath the barrier. The more water that enters, the higher the barrier rises, until it is fully engaged and vertically locked in place. With no need for power or interaction, these barriers are an excellent choice for protecting spaces that cannot be reached in an emergency.

In both cases, the barrier normally sits roughly flush with the ground. Vehicles can easily pass over the barrier with no issue, an important attribute, especially for underground car parks. The result is a barrier that provides protection whenever necessary but is otherwise never in the way of normal operations. For local councils investigating options for Australian made tilting flood barriers, FloodFree’s experience in creating these barriers is second to none.

Partner with FloodFree for solutions that yield peace of mind

None of the products we offer come “off the shelf” — instead, everything is Australian made and crafted to client specifications every time. No two sites are the same, so no two solutions for flood control can be the same. Our process ensures that an installation meets all the various needs a council may for its flood protection efforts, and we are happy to offer on- or off-site training to ensure the relevant personnel understand these systems. FloodFree invites you to take a moment to learn more about our Australian made barriers. To explore the next steps and to request more information about how our team can aid you in developing a strong disaster response infrastructure, please contact us.