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Using Australian Made Passive Flood Barriers to Protect Your Property in Australia

The unpredictability of flooding in regions across Australia is hard to overstate. Whether riverine flooding caused by the passage of an intense tropical cyclone or a sudden flash flood coursing through the streets after a severe thunderstorm, waters can rise quickly. Homes, businesses, infrastructure, and other important assets can all feel the threat of the flood waters in equal measure. One only needs to look at the last decade of flood events to see the chaos they can cause. At FloodFree, though, we don’t see any reason to be afraid. Instead, we see the opportunity to partner with developers, local councils, and others to design and implement passive flood barriers that are robust enough for even major events.

There are several key benefits to using passive barriers for asset protection, chief among them being their automatic operation. Unlike demountable flood barriers, which require active assembly work to put into place when a flood threat develops, passive barriers will rise to stop the waters all on their own. Using the water itself to create buoyancy and lift the barrier into place, they will ultimately lock upright to create a powerful barrier the water cannot breach. As you explore how to begin a project to protect your space, such as a garage below ground level, take a moment to think about a few of the significant factors that will determine a barrier’s success.

Australian made passive flood barriers built to specifications

The overall size of the barrier, and by extension the level of flooding conditions you hope to prepare for, are two of the first and most important considerations to make. When using passive flood barriers in Australia, it is important that the installation precisely span the opening to be protected; otherwise, water could escape around the side of the barrier and enter the property. During the initial phases of cooperation with FloodFree, we will take careful measurements while conceptualising the best way to implement a barrier in the space.

Are you erecting a system for a new building? Incorporating flood protection into your design plans from an early stage will streamline the entire process. However, FloodFree designs can also adapt to existing structures and layouts as necessary. Our team has a well-developed understanding of the retrofitting process. Identifying the ideal way to proceed — a new build or a retrofit — will also contribute to the system’s successful operation.

Explore the potential for incorporating flood barriers in your next project

As a final consideration, we understand you may need to “stage” upgrades, adding passive barriers as necessary when time or the budget allows. FloodFree guarantees a close, consultative approach to implementing any of these projects, allowing you to place confidence in the design. Thorough testing at our sustainably-powered manufacturing location in northern Victoria further assures that everything is ready for operational deployment. To find out more about how your project can utilise Australian made flood barriers and help from an industry leader, contact FloodFree today.