Flood Barriers are proving a valuable addition to existing properties and becoming a standard option for new developments.

FloodFree Barriers are currently being installed not just in flood prone areas, but at any entrance point prone to water inundation, from any source. Installations to date include residential homes, apartment blocks, shopping complexes, commercial buildings and parking lots.

PASSIVE Tilting Barriers are ‘buoyant’, activated by flood waters they automatically deploy. The hinged barriers ‘float’ to protect an asset from flooding. Passive barriers operate autonomously without intervention, providing peace of mind that flood barriers will rise and lower when needed without manual assistance.

FloodFree also offer POWERED Tilting Flood Barriers which may be automated or manual systems. Powered options allow the property owner to choose to deploy their barrier whenever they like - PRE or POST inundation. Pre-inundation deployment allows the asset owner to deploy the barriers well in advance of flood waters. Post-inundation deployment allows asset owners to choose to absorb some of the flood waters, capturing it within a secure area (ie; basement carpark), to a predetermined height before deploying the flood barriers. The captured water can then be stored or directed into the storm water system once the threat has subsided. This is a proactive option that minimises the damage to the surrounding environment.

Contact our FloodFree team for a flood protection solution specifically tailored to your property and operational requirements.

AWMA manufacture the FloodFree range of Flood Barriers which include Demountable, Retractable, Concealed and Tilting Flood Barriers, as well as Flood Doors. Additionally, flood gates and broad-scale flood management solutions are custom-engineered by AWMA, contact us or visit our website for details.