The FloodFree Retractable Barrier is permanently installed within existing infrastructure then slides horizontally to seal large openings (often levee openings), protecting assets from rising water levels.

The barriers for this project have been designed to allow council to manually deploy their flood protection barriers to isolate flood and storm waters in and around existing infrastructure.

Features include:

  • Suitable for 1m - 30m wide openings up to 3m high as standard
  • Easily deployed manually by operators without the requirement for special tools or equipment
  • Heel safe track system
  • Custom designed to meet site requirements
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be designed to complement building facades
  • Constructed from a structural marine grade aluminium, ensuring it is lightweight yet very strong

The Retractable Barriers are purpose-designed, engineered and manufactured.

Project partners received full design support to ensure the product delivered was engineered and certified to withstand site specific worse case scenarios for expected flood water height, debris loading, deployment times etc.