Understanding Your Options in Australia for Property Protection With Flood Barriers

We cannot control nature — that’s a fact. How we respond to what nature does, on the other hand, is entirely within our control. When flood waters threaten your property, what can you do to keep it safe while minimising the amount of damage incurred? The answer to this question can sound simple enough: find flood protection barriers that can keep the waters out of the important spaces around a property free from incursions. While it is easy to identify the general solution, pinpointing the precise method you should use to achieve this goal can be more difficult. The good news: you don’t have to try to sort it out alone.

At FloodFree, we have nearly 20 years of experience as industry leaders to put to good use in service of protecting your property. Choosing to pursue a barrier system is only the first step; the next is often to choose the specific type of barrier that will work best on your property. Our understanding of these projects allows us to not only design and deliver several different types of barriers for flood protection in Australia, but to also undertake retrofitting projects. There is no need to build a brand new structure when your existing spaces can undergo adaptation to make room for effective barrier protection. Consider how the FloodFree process works for a private project.

Acquiring flood protection in Australia

Step one: the on-site consultation. A friendly FloodFree representative will visit you and your site to perform a visual inspection, take initial measurements, and discuss the goals you have for the project. These conversations are the start of a collaborative process as we work together to implement an effective means to keep back a rising tide.

Next, we enter into the design and engineering phases. With a wealth of experience from past projects, we often know right away how to proceed in deploying a successful system on your property. There may be several options to consider, such as retractable or concealed barriers, depending on site-specific qualities. Once the final design receives approval, we proceed to manufacturing. This process is accomplished entirely in-house using a facility fully powered by renewable energy.

The final step is installation and commissioning. Because we manufacture each barrier to your specifications and with materials that work with the site’s qualities, you can be certain that the system will fit right in as a seamless part of your infrastructure. Though maintenance needs are typically low over the 25-year initial lifespan of these installations, FloodFree also provides ongoing support to our clients as necessary.

FloodFree: delivering a high-value, high-quality service

Though nature can be unpredictable, successful design and engineering efforts can help to mitigate the effects of natural disasters. Gain the peace of mind that accompanies a partnership with an industry leader in flood protection barriers not only in Australia but globally as well. To explore what we can achieve together in the effort to protect your property from a flood in the future, use our online contact page to contact us today.