Flood protection compliments fire sprinkler system

Fire sprinkler systems often cause internal flooding.

Retractable Flood Barriers were recently installed in an Australian warehouse, to isolate the water run-off from fire sprinklers, should they be activated.

The FloodFree Barriers were installed to isolate sections of the warehouse with opening widths up to 2.6m wide.

The retractable flood barrier opens and closes by motor driven operation on a single track system, travelling horizontally. The flood barrier, track system and electrical cabinet are permanently installed.

Sensors allow automatic deployment of the flood barrier if water is detected, with capabilities for local and remote operation.

Should the fire sprinklers be activated, the flood barriers will deploy to ensure other sections of the warehouse are not contaminated or damaged.

FloodFree barriers and doors isolate flood and storm waters to reduce the damage should a flood event occur. Made-to-order products can accommodate internal or external building specifications, including a purpose-engineered design to accommodate the nominated maximum flood level height and characteristics of the flood water.

FloodFree products are 100% Australian made, manufactured by AWMA Water Control Solutions.