Learn How to Protect Your Property with Retractable Flood Barriers and Other Australian Made Flood Defence Systems from FloodFree

Perhaps your home or business recently flooded, and you want to take steps to prevent something similar from happening in the future. Alternatively, maybe a neighbour’s property was flooded, and you are suddenly aware of the threats you face, or perhaps you recently bought a home in a low-lying area and want to do what you can to mitigate risk. In any case, our team at FloodFree can help with retractable flood barriers and various other types of flood defence systems in Australia.

How FloodFree Can Help You Fight Flood Risks with Concealed Flood Barriers to Retractable Flood Barriers in Australia

If your home sits on high ground, you probably don’t have much to worry about from flooding. There isn’t a high likelihood of floodwaters reaching your property. For most Australian property owners, though, there is a risk. So much of Australia’s population resides on or near the coast, in areas that are not very high above sea level. In these spots, floods are always a potential threat and taking steps to defend against them is an essential component of property ownership.

At FloodFree, we frequently consult with property owners in Australia to advise them on design considerations, flood barrier selection and flood defence system engineering and installation. If you want to protect the perimeter of your property with a flood barrier but aren’t sure which type of system is the best bet, our experienced team of professionals can provide the guidance and assistance you need.

Retractable flood barriers are one type of defence system we offer. These systems fall into the category of ‘manual flood defence,’ which means that you will need to deploy them at times of flooding to protect your property. Luckily, our Australian made retractable flood barriers are extremely easy to use—to the point where they can be deployed by a single person the moment severe storms start to threaten. They are essentially sliding panels, which can close off openings in your property and stave off rising waters. Clients of ours frequently install these systems at driveway openings or close to basements or other belowground areas.

Concealed flood barriers are another type of flood protection available through FloodFree. These systems are passive instead of manual, which means they are designed to be self-activated. Concealed barriers are installed in the ground, just beneath the surface. When floodwaters rise, they push the barrier up and into place using floatation.

We also provide other types of flood barriers, including demountable barriers (another form of manual protection) and tilting systems (another form of passive protection). We can help you decide which type (or types) of barriers are right for your property.

Avoid Property Damage and Costly Repairs with Flood Barriers from FloodFree

Remediating a flooded property is an expensive, lengthy and altogether unpleasant process. Water damage is tough to resolve entirely because surface damage is only part of the issue. Other problems, such as mould and rotting wood, can impair the structural integrity, air quality and overall usability of a property. Investing in Australian made retractable flood barriers or tilting flood barriers from FloodFree can stop floodwaters before they reach your home or business, thus allowing you to avoid the scourge of water damage.

Are you interested in learning more about FloodFree and our retractable flood barriers (and other types of flood protection) in Australia? If so, contact us today to get started.