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Developing a New Property in Australia? Coordinate With Flood Control Barrier Manufacturers for Elegant Solutions

As a property developer working to create spaces for homes or businesses within your community, there are many considerations that you must harmonise for successful project execution. In the wake of numerous disastrous and even record-breaking floods in recent years, disaster mitigation should be something every developer considers when breaking ground on a new project. The same is true when working on upgrades to older properties. Yet what can you do about something as powerful as a flood? Today, the use of a flood control barrier is a proven way to keep rising waters from reaching and damaging critical areas around a property. At FloodFree, we’ve made it our business to extend access to these innovative solutions to private projects and developers like you.

Designing installations to exacting specifications based on the unique qualities of each site and their location within the floodplain, we are able to engineer solutions that can protect your property for at least 25 years with minimal maintenance. Our thorough on-site reviews and extensive testing ensure that these purpose-built structures always perform precisely as intended when you need them the most. What are some of the choices you will face as you consider the use of a flood control barrier in Australia?

Choosing the right options from flood control barrier manufacturers

Demountable barriers: This installation type is ideal for protecting business entrances or other ground level spaces that require flood protection. Using modular segments, it is possible for one or two people to quickly erect the barrier system upon receipt of warnings about an impending flood. Each segment contains its own embedded seal, so as operators stack the metal planks, the barrier becomes watertight.

Retractable barriers: Especially ideal for areas already near water, these barriers are largely static and provide the ability to close off an opening with a wall up to three metres in height. Moving along a track, it is easy for one person to lock the barrier into place. This option is good for protecting against storm surge or riverine flooding.

Concealed barriers: A permanent vertical barrier that is completely invisible at ground level until deployment. Deployment only occurs as flood water fills a basin and hydrostatic pressure builds, forcing the barrier upward into position.

Tilting barriers: Similar to concealed barriers, except flood water gradually causes the barrier to tilt upward. This provides a continuous protection from water up to the maximum designed height of the system. These are especially useful for sloping spaces and access areas.

Make protecting your property an integral part of design

Which type of floor control barrier is right for you? Let us help you answer that question. As the manufacturers for your project, we undertake a detailed site survey while also learning about your expectations. The result is a design that is perfectly suited to the conditions on your property. Find out more about options such as demountable and tilting barriers as you consider how to proceed. For prompt, professional advice, get in touch and tell us more about what your project requires.