Seal off Your Driveway, Basement or Other Areas with Australian Made Retractable Flood Barriers from FloodFree

The floodwaters are rising and encroaching toward your home or business. What do you do to divert the waters and protect your property from flood damage? At FloodFree, we can design a custom retractable flood barrier to close off openings around your property and divert water before it reaches precious structural assets.

What Are Retractable Flood Barriers?

Our Australian made retractable flood barriers essentially act like sliding doors. When rising waters threaten your property, you can slide the retractable barrier into place. A safe track system will make sure the barrier moves easily and in the correct direction to seal off vulnerable points on your property. Once in place, the barrier will act just like a wall, keeping water far away from your home or business.

Depending on your property layout, a retractable barrier can work in numerous different locations. Often, property owners will install these barriers at the entrances to their driveways or at other openings around the property. Perhaps you have a concrete wall that encircles most of your property but leaves an opening for the driveway. At FloodFree, we can install a retractable barrier that attaches to the existing concrete wall and then slides across the driveway opening. Think of this installation almost as a gate, but for diverting water instead of increasing privacy or keeping out trespassers.

Clients also use our retractable flood barriers to safeguard openings to low-lying areas of their properties, such as basements or underground carparks. The basic principle of the retractable barriers in this setting remains the same. However, FloodFree can customise your barrier so that it suits the specific needs of the installation point. By standard, these barriers measure three metres in height. They can be designed to cover openings ranging from one metre in length to 30 metres.

There are a few major benefits to using a retractable barrier, even compared to other types of flood barriers. For one thing, these systems are extremely low maintenance. With no electrical components, you don’t need to worry about your system failing in between uses. The system is always ready to be implemented the moment you need it. Unlike other types of manual flood protection—such as demountable barrier systems—retractable systems can also be deployed by just one person. The barriers are easy to slide into place at a moment’s notice, which makes them a smart option for property owners who won’t have much time to prepare when floods threaten.

At FloodFree, our Australian made retractable flood barriers have one other major benefit: aesthetics. In addition to customising your barrier so that it meets your length requirements, we can also design something that complements the architecture and style of your property and building façade. If you are worried about your flood protection installations hurting the kerb appeal of your home, a retractable barrier from FloodFree will settle your fears.

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If you are in the market for retractable flood barriers in Australia, look no further than FloodFree. We can provide a system that looks terrific, ensures easy deployment, and offers reliable protection against flooding. Contact us today to learn more.