What You Need to Know about Demountable Flood Barriers, Made in Australia by FloodFree

‘Which type of flood barrier is right for me?’

At FloodFree, we often hear this type of question from our clientele. Our customers are typically looking for the most effective way to protect their homes or businesses from potential flood threats and are curious about the systems we offer. The answer, it’s important to note, is not always straightforward: the type of flood barrier that will serve you best will depend on the location, layout and risk level of your property. One factor you will need to consider, though, is whether you’d prefer a manual system (such as demountable flood barriers) or a passive system (such a concealed flood barrier).

FloodFree can design, engineer and install purpose-built systems. We are proud to offer high quality, Australian made demountable flood barriers. On the other hand, we can also provide more passive or automated forms of protection, like concealed or tilting barriers. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at demountable barriers and their pros and cons for usability and flood protection.

What Are Demountable Flood Barriers?

As mentioned above, demountable barriers are a form of manual flood prevention. In passive flood prevention, the systems essentially activate themselves, freeing the property owner of having to take any steps to prepare the protection in the event of a storm or flood. Manual barriers, meanwhile, need to be deployed or activated by the asset owner to provide any protection. Demountable flood barriers in Australia typically consist of metal panels that can be inserted and stacked into pre-set channels and then anchored into place. The individual panels are connected via seals, to formulate an effective barrier through which water cannot pass. Once erected, demountable systems form a sturdy wall that stops floodwaters and diverts them away from your property.

The obvious drawback of demountable barriers is that they must be installed manually. Typically, demountable flood walls are quite long. Add the fact that you may need to use numerous panels for each segment of the wall demountable systems are not ideal for properties that are susceptible to flooding with limited warning. You need lead time to implement these systems and have them serve as an effective barrier. Having a group of people that can assist in deployment is helpful as well.

However, there are also significant advantages to demountable systems. They are incredibly economical when compared to other types of systems. At FloodFree, we can also customise our demountable barriers to meet numerous height and length requirements. In terms of length, these systems can be developed and deployed to stretch over or around any stretch of land or property you require. Since other systems tend to have limits on how long they can be, demountable systems are a smart go-to for larger properties.

Choose FloodFree’s Australian Made Demountable Flood Barriers

Do you think that demountable barriers might be the right flood protection option for your home, business or property development? If so, contact FloodFree today to learn more about our demountable flood barriers in Australia.